The price list of international freight charges is for general reference only. How much is the cost per kg of goods, it will depend on the type of goods, time requirements ... then the freight will be adjusted to suit the most beneficial to customers.

- This is a table of shipping costs for delivery to you with an address in the city of Ho Chi Minh City-HN (Minimum fee of $ / time of receipt).
- You have an address in another province, plus domestic courier charges.
- Other special or high value items may be surcharged.
- Bulky goods with large deviations may be subject to volume measurement.
- Minimum weight kg / tracking.

Description of Contents Declared Value Weight Insurance fees Extra Charge
Milk, confectionery $ kg % $
Kitchen tools $ kg % $
Baby goods: crib, stroller, non-electric toys $ kg % $
Shoes, bags, wallets, belts $ kg % $
Cosmetics, shower gel, lotion, lotion, sunscreen $ kg % $
Perfume $ kg % $
Laptop, Phone, Tablet $ kg % $
Watch $ kg % $